who we are

who we are“the cic beauty™ brand was created from a place of understanding as well as a place that’s caring”  


cic beauty: we are dedicated to providing the most innovative and result oriented products. our goal is to deliver amazing results, so that when you greet the world, you feel: powerful, confident, magical! everything we do is to help you look and feel your best. because, we understand the power of confidence.

at cic beauty, we do things differently, and we want to help you:

change the way you think...change the way you do...change the way you look…​ 

we believe that if you open yourself to the possibilities that exist, you can become part of something great. with this mind set, we set our intentions to create new innovative solutions when it comes to your beauty regime. we have created simple solutions for today’s beauty needs.

we believe that in today’s world the first rule is this; cultivate and groom the most healthiest head of hair possible after that, style it however you desire. there is no longer only one look that works. there are many looks and they all work it’s a simple matter of your mood.

having said this, all of our tools and products work together for you and not against you. with the most current technology available, we provide solutions for your beauty needs that leave you with a beautiful, healthy head of hair.working smarter, not harder is the key!