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Change the way you think.

Change the way you do.

Change the way you look.

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3-in-1 universal diffuser collection.

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Innovation: It’s Time for Something New

Cic Beauty has been honored by the Daytime Beauty Awards with their coveted Innovation Award. 

We thank Michele Elizabeth and the DBA team for this high praise and the recognition that we are creating truly unique products and encouraging a fresh approach to day-to-day beauty. 

We’re on a mission to provide you with a new type of beauty and self-care experience. The Innovation Award is further proof it’s an experience worth exploring. 

Change the way you think.
Change the way you do.
Change the way you look.

Thank You Michelle Stafford!

We want to personally thank you for presenting our first award. It was a pleasure meeting you at the Daytime Beauty Awards! Go check out her incredible new skincare line: 

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