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A.C.E Hair Infuser Dual+ Q&A


Q: Does this tool produce steam or use any heat?  

A: Absolutely not! With our award-winning technology, we have produced a vapor without generating heat and eliminated the use of water. By using our Adept™ complex elixir, this combination of both the tool and formula will help provide a natural refreshed look to the hair.  

Q: How often do I need to use this?  
A: When you feel that your curls are looking dull, use this tool to quickly refresh your curls when needed. There is not a definite answer to this question, we know that all curls are different! 

Q: Can I replace my styling regime with this concept?  
A: This tool is not designed to be in place of your product regime, but instead will reactivate, refresh and re-style the current product in your hair.  

Q: Can I use any other products inside the brush?  
A: NO! Please do not insert any other liquid or serums besides the AdeptTM complex elixirs. By doing so, this will cause the machine to clog and be damaged permanently.  

Q: How do I clean this tool?  
A: Add distilled water inside the liquid chamber to clean excess residue.




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