a.c.e. hair infuser dual+


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Concept details:

The power to eliminate a bad hair day is now in your hands! Our hand-held hair infuser optimizes our favorite a.c.e. (adept™ complex elixir) into tiny droplets to form a nano-mist, that will penetrate the cuticle of the hair, deep into the cortex, leaving your hair shining with moisture, soft, lustrous, and manageable. a must-have beauty essential for  styling and touch-ups.

change the way you think,
change the way you do,
change the way you look.


concept features:
  • With the biju nozzle, it uses ultrasonic technology to micro-vaporize our a.c.e. (adept ™ complex elixirs), and deliver precise nano droplets deep into the cuticle of your hair  anchoring it into the cortex.

  • Light, portable, and rechargeable. you can use anywhere. Ideal  when traveling.
  • Extra battery pack allows you to charge any USB compatible devices.
  • User-friendly design. easy to hold, easy to use, easy to recharge. Learn more about our concept of a.c.e elixir

To learn more about our concept for our adept ™ complex

To learn more about  our concept of a.c.e elixir

To learn more about our concept of cicbeauty brush

concept benefits:
  • Adds hydration and vibrant shine to your hair for re-styling and touch-ups anywhere and on the go

  • Ensures your hair is free from frizz and flyaways

how to use:
  1. to turn on/off, press and hold the side button for 3 seconds, you will see a flash of blue, red and green.
  2. Once the device has been turned on, press the side button again to spray the nano-mist.
  3. To turn off the nano mist, press the side button again.

note: For more specifications please see the user manual in the package

  • 1x handheld a.ce. hair infuser

  • 1x handheld a.ce. hair infuser

  • 1x micro USB Charge with USB Cable

  • 1x mini adept™ complex starter sample
  • 1x User manual/guide

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