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Get certified as a CICbeauty cryotherapy specialist. Learn how to finally solve your guests challenges with compromised hair. You will confidently be able to help restore hair to a natural and beautiful state with out using chemicals and or heat. Let us show you how the science behind beauty will help you to become a leader in the hair industry. In this class you will not only learn the science behind beauty you will also learn thru a hands on portion of this event how to render the multiple various applications of this ground breaking technology which render it a more intelligent form of treatment. With the various application types you will be certain to appeal to a more vast audience.

Become certified in this new concept of the frozen technology  

-Learn how can you or any of the stylist of your salon increase the services sales with an additional $5,000 monthly

-Become hair cryotherapy certified (be listed on the certified listing directory, receive certification)

-Learn over 5 different services options to include in your salon portfolio


The innovative ice-cold temperature is the coolest way to freeze out the damage of the hair is the new plastic surgery reconstruction for all hair types, having the power to recover damage with antioxidant capacity providing deep hydrations and hair reconstruction. The result is visible immediately after the first application. Promoting shine, silkiness and the grand finale for beautiful hair.


The hair cryotherapy is a potent hair rejuvenation because it’s not only a shield the hair against damage (natural, chemical and environmental) it also repairs destroyed hair cuticle fibers and repairs internal damaged acting in the hair stand from the inside-out.


Working with low temperatures, this technology freezes the nutrients and the hyaluronic acid inside the hair at the cortex level, boosting healthy hair.


Join us to take your career to the next level ­


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