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Double Detangler

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With two rows of wide teeth, our detangling comb glides through curls without tugging or ripping hair.

BENEFITS :      
  • Eliminates knots quickly and easily
  • Detangles curls with fewer strokes for less damage
  • Rounded tips are soft on the scalp


We know detangling curly hair can feel like it takes forever, so we created our Double Detangler with twice the knot-busting power to speed up the process. With its double row of teeth, this next-generation tool eliminates difficult snarls and prevents curls from springing back and re-tangling. You'll be able to manage your curls with fewer strokes to help leave curls less damaged and more defined-and reduce the time you spend combing. It's no wonder this tool is a Ouidad customer (and stylist) favorite.

HOW TO USE :                           

The best time to use our Double Detangler is immediately after showering, while hair is still very wet. For stubborn tangles, prep curls with Advanced Climate Control® Detangling Heat Spray before combing. It can also be used in the shower to help detangle during and after the conditioning process.

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