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a.c.e (A.d.e.p.t® Complex Elixir) Frizz and Definition Refill Re-Style / Hydrate / Fragrance

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Concept Details:

*Another variation of this concept is our: a.c.e. hydration and shine.*

*To be used only with A.C.E. Hair Infuser Dual+ or Cic Beauty Brush.*

Inspired from the lotus flower, the a.c.e. (A.d.e.p.t® Complex Elixir): frizz and definition carries unique intellectual properties to alleviate frizz from the hair while keeping style and hold. Just like our a.c.e: hydration and shine, this elixir is a waterless solution formulated with hyaluronic acid to penetrate deep into the hairs cortex, leaving it moisturized, lustrous & shiny. In addition to the A.d.e.p.t® formula in hydration and shine, frizz and definition uses peptides that reduces hair “expansion” (frizz) and keeps your desired style in place (definition). 


What are peptides?


Peptides provide amino acids that can be used to build hair. Peptides containing a high molecular weight have the ability to create a film to the hairs surface and additionally moisturize them. Along with the moisturizing properties, it gives body to fine hair and makes hair steady. 



Concept Benefits:


-Waterless solution, only concentrated ingredients

-Made of hyaluronic acid gel which is naturally present in the human body and is 1,000 times more effective than water alone.

-Keeps your hair soft to the touch with definition and soft hold  

-Frizz free

-Infused vaporization ensuring instant results and hydration

-Contains our proprietary A.d.e.p.t® complex technology


Why it works:


To be used with our cic beauty® brush and a.c.e. hair infuser dual + . By combining with our ultrasonic technology,  the biju nozzle will transform the solution into droplets penetrate right into the hair shaft.


How to use this concept:


Fill the tank with the applicator and use as needed.

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