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Hair toxx Q&A

Q: What is the Cryotherapy Hair Deep treatment?
Ans: Hair.Toxx is a full treatment that shields hair against natural, chemical and environmental factors. It can be incorporated before, during and after any chemical procedures, as well as part of your client’s regular haircare routine.

Q: Should I worry about any kind of dangerous chemical in the Hair.Toxx’s formula?
Ans: No. Hair.Toxx is free of silicone, sulfates, phthalates, DEA, aldehydes and is never tested on animals.

Q: How Hair.Toxx can be used?
Ans: As Hair.Toxx is a multifunctional product, it can be used with different kinds of services. It can be used as a protective process during coloring, bleaching and straightening procedures. For full treatment, Hair.Toxx should be used every 10 days.

Q: Can I use just the Revitalizing Serum, without using the Protective Masque?
Ans: The Protective Masque uses the same active ingredient found in the Revitalizing Serum. However, developed in a creat form for ease of application and use in the Hair.Toxx full treatment, this third step is essential in all services for the best results. It links the remaining disulfide bonds before and after a procedure, restoring the strength, structure and integrity of the hair.

Q: Is the procedure suitable for all types of hair?
Ans: Yes. Hair.Toxx Full treatment is developed to help any type of damaged hair.

Q: How long does the application process of Hair.Toxx take?
Ans: Due to its multi use function, the duration of Hair.Toxx’s application can vary from procedure to procedure. You can incorporate the process into your existing service (color conditioner service can add approximately 10 minutes) or used as a full treatment (plastic surgery for the hair). For example, the application may last about 1 hour, but used during a bleaching process may require longer than this.

Q: Does Hair.Toxx use during other services and treatments change the processing time?
Ans: No! Hair.Toxx just improves the procedure’s results without increasing the time needed.

Q: Does Hair.Toxx used during bleaching services diminish the bleaching effect?
Ans: No. what Hair.Toxx does is create newdisulfide sulfur bonds and protect theexisting ones, protecting the hair’shealth. It neither increases nor decreases the peroxide power, it just protects the strand’s structure.

Q: How often should a Hair.Toxx full treatment be retouched?
Ans: It should be retouched at the maximum every 10 days, through a full treatment application.

Q: Can the product be applied after straightening?
Ans: Yes, Hair.Toxx is completely compatible with many hair treatments on the market,such as straightening (using ammonium thioglycolate, guanidine or sodium
hydroxide), coloring and bleaching processes (such as ombré, balayage, and highlights ).

Q: What should we do to prolong the healthy effect and keep my hair shiny, smooth and resistant?
Ans: Using the right products makes all the difference in the final result of any hair treatment. We recommend the utilization of the entire Hair.Toxx Home Care line to maintain the effect.

Q: How do I introduce Hair.Toxx to my clients?
Ans: Ask your client if they would like a “Bleaching Service Upgrade” or a “color conditioner service”. The client will ask: “-what is it?” Your response will be: “-Is going to make your hair stron- ger, healthier and your color will last longer. I’ll mix the Revitalizing Serum directly into your color and then apply the Protective Masque to seal the cuticles. It will make a huge difference in the health of your hair.

Q: What kind of home care maintenance can be recommended?
Ans: We recommend the maintenance line, which ensures long-lasting results:
• Ice flat iron kit –infused with Açaí Berry
• Cic Hair Infuser (Dual +, Beauty Brush or Grooming Brush)

Q: Should home care maintenance be used daily?
Ans: Depending on how many times the hair is washed the treatment effect could last longer. Daily use of the home care maintenance helps to maintain this protection even while washing the hair regularly during the week.

Q: What is the Cryotherapy Treatment?
Ans: The Cryotherapy Treatment is the coolest way to freeze out damaged hair. While the Revitalizing Serum and the Protective Masque provide the essential nutrients to restore damaged to the results. It freezes important nutrients directly to the strand, providing an extra level of absorption of the Açaí, Hyaluronic Acid and Lipophilic Complex benefits. The Cryotherapy provides an incredible boost to the results. It freezes important nutrients directly to the strand, providing an extra level of absorption of the Açaí, Hyaluronic Acid and Lipophilic Complex benefits.

Q: Can the Subzero Cryotherapy profes- sional or the Frozen Flat-Iron be used to straighten hair?
Ans: No. They were specifically de- signed to boost the Hair.Toxx Treat-ment.

Q: How does the Cryotherapy Treatment Works?
Ans: It works by freezing the nutrients present in the Hair.Toxx Full Treatment as they make contact with the hair. This locks in a high absorption rate and guarantees that the hair receives the maximum benefits possible from the treatment.

Q: How long should the Frozen Flat-Iron’s thermal boards stay in the freezer?
Ans: The thermal boards should be in the freezer for at least 2 hours before starting the treatment and once out of the freezer they should be used imme- diately.

Q: What should I do to use the Frozen Ma- chine?
Ans: You must connect the Subzero Cryotherapy Professional device at the power plug and turn it on at the site button. The device will be ready to use after 60 seconds. Pass the flat iron at the hair. When you finish, turn off the at the site button and unplug it from power and wipe the place from the excess of the product.

Q: What’s the difference between the Subzero Cryotherapy professional and the Frozen Flat Iron?
Ans: The Subzero Cryotherapy Professional is in-salon exclusive equipment and requires specific knowledge to be used and goes to a much lower temperature compared with the Frozen Flat Iron. The Frozen Flat Iron is an easy-to-use flat iron and can be apapplied by anyone at home.
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