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Diffuser collection Q&A

Q: I cannot figure out how to put on the attachments. My diffuser does not fit! Is it broken or damaged?


A: We selected the most high-end material for proper heat expansion and retention to provide a frizz-free drying process of the curls.

Keep in mind that your diffuser is brand new, just like a pair of shoes; it needs to be broken in. The plastic needs to be heated only for the first few times, allowing the bowl to expand. 


1. If you have any trouble, turn on your blow dryer and heat it until the attachments are warm. This will make the bowl more pliable, making it easier to take on and off your desired attachment. 


2. Once you have completed heating it, look at the bowl itself, you will see two LOCK and UNLOCK symbols on either side of the pan with a line in the center. On each attachment, there is a line on either side as well for natural alignment and attaching. Once you have found "a line" on your desired attachment, align with the bowl and twist RIGHT to LOCK and LEFT to UNLOCK.  

If you 5still have any questions, please check us online.


Q: Is the bowl supposed to be this big? 


A: Yes! We have specially designed the bowl bigger than most to catch more hair as your diffusing. Although it may be a bit larger than expected, we know you will be able to style your hair faster than before. It may take some time and playing around to master your desired style, and that's okay! Our goal is for you to spend less time in the mirror and more time rocking your amazing curls! 


Q: How do I know that this will fit my blow dryer?


A: With over two years of extensive worldwide research (this is why we call it the "universal" diffuser), we have found that this does fit onto MOST dryers. If the nozzle size of your dryer is orbicular shape (round) and is less then 2inches/52mm or the dryer is tapers towards the nozzle.

(Please refer to the fitting guide)

Q: Can I use any other product of the chamber?

We do not recommend you to use any other product inside the diffuser, if you do so it will damage your diffuser or your blow dryer. Our adept™ complex serum was designed to be used with the diffuser in a steam form, brining hydration, and a luxurious scent while styling your hair. 

Q: Can I still use the lifter (volume attachment) if I broke a piece off accidentally?

A: Absolutely! The prongs are designed to be broken up based on the amount of hair you have. For example, if you have beautiful hair, more prongs are needed to add volume. If you have thicker fuller hair, you can break them to have easier access to the roots.

Q: How can I clean my 3-in-1 universal diffuser collection?

A: You can soak the diffuser in warm water with mild soap. Use a paper towel or sponge to gently clean product residue and build up. Make sure that you remove the inside coils before cleaning.  

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