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Cicbeauty Brush Q&A


Q: Does this brush contain any heat like a blow dryer or flat iron?  
A: Absolutely not! With our award-winning technology, we have produced a vapor without generating heat and eliminated the use of water. By using our Adept™ Complex Elixir, this combination of both the tool and formula is able to provide a style that looks as if you had used a flat iron or blow dryer.

Q: Can I use any other products inside the brush?  
A: NO! Please do not insert any other liquid or serums besides the Adept™ complex elixirs. By doing so, this will cause the machine to clog and be damaged permanently.

Q: How often do I need to use this?  
A: When you feel that your hair has lost the initial style or has gained extra frizz throughout the day, quickly re-style at any place and any time!    

Q: How do I clean this device?  
A: The Beauty Brush is designed for quick and easy cleaning. Simply press the silver release button on the bottom of the brush and detach the attachable bristles. Do not wet the device itself, by doing so this will cause the machine to break. Add distilled water inside the liquid chamber to clean access residue.


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