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The Hair.Toxx Revitalizing Serum acts directly on the cortex to provide the rejuvenation, revitalization and protecton that prevent hair from becoming dull and lifeless. The serum also renews the hydration levels of the hair’s lipids. 

The serum interacts with the capillary structures in hair, replenishing the natural lipid layer lost to environmental and chemical damage. Even the highest levels of capillary degradation can be reversed through treatment with the Revitalizing Serum. The serum strengthens weakened, damaged hair, fortifying the hair’s structure from the inside-out. And there’s more: beyond nourishing and protecting hair, the Revitalizing Serum allows the color specialist to let chemical procedures like coloring and bleaching act longer without damaging hair. Because of this, you can achieve stronger, more vibrant colors, reaching the platinum blond your client has always wanted with the safety they deserve! 

It’s a bonder that protects the hair during any chemical treatment. It promotes a safe bleaching service and makes it possible to bleacthe hair as light as it can get, also, leaving this bleach longer without it breaking off.

Hair.Toxx is comprised of a protein-coated collagen membrane. Its small size and polarity allow the lipophilic complex to penetrate deep into hair fibers, down to the level of individual cell membranes. This deep penetration allows the serum to actively interact with the oils present in hair’s capillary structures.

When combined with the high level of essential vitamins (provide by the Açaífruit), this process leads to a complete multilevel reconstruction. This cutting-edge molecular technology has high photochemical compatibility with hair ́s capillary structures and increases lubrication between and within hair strands.

An undamaged hair strand is naturally hydrophobic (repels water), while damaged or aged hair becomes hydrophilic (absorbs water). Another function of our Lipophilic Complex is to restore and maintain hair’s natural barrier against water, making it a true breakthrough in professional haircare.

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